Mosley's Meat Market
Our location has changed!!!! You can now find us at 2410 Hilliard-Rome Rd.
(just two blocks south of the old location).


*Home of our Buckeye Brats and Mosley’s Gourmet Burgers

ALL of our meat comes from local farmers. This way, we ensure we are stimulating our economy.
Our animals are humanely and naturally raised.
No Hormones, No Preservatives

100% GRASS fed Beef.

ALL of our meat is FRESH, never frozen.

We carry ONLY on the hoof animals. Meaning: our meat does not come out of a box and is cryovac free!!

We are an old-fashioned Butcher Shop in every sense.
Always promoting family values.

* Here at Mosley's Meat Market, we have a large selection of oven ready meats featuring
Mosley’s Meatloaf and Mosley’s Oven or Crock Pot Ready Roasts.

We accept ALL Major Credit cards

We also accept EBT cards

No personal checks please

*We give discounts for large corporate orders*

Our store is Handicap Accessible

There is also a COTA stop in front of our store

*This business is Family Owned and Operated*

J. Gram Mosley, Owner

2410 Hilliard-Rome Road
Hilliard, Ohio 43026
Phone: 614-777-MEAT
Fax: 614-777-6348
Mosley's Meat Market
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